'Arrested Development' Starts Filming New Season Today

Show says 'Anyong' to 10-episode run on Netflix, with possibility of fifth season.

For years, fans of the prematurely cancelled "Arrested Development" have hoped that someday, somehow, the Bluth family would return. Thankfully, today is that day.

Deadline is reporting that not only has the new season of "Arrested Development" started filming today (August 7), but that the entire cast of the original series is in final negotiations and is expected to return. That means every member of the Bluth family, including the will-he-won't-he Michael Cera, will be reprising their roles from the cult hit. Producer Ron Howard will also be returning as the show's narrator.

It was a long road to a new season, starting with the final aired episode in 2006, which hinted that a film based on the series was a possibility. It took years for creator Mitch Hurwitz to find room in his schedule for a new season or a film, but once that happened, things began to look up.

The initial plan called for a 10-episode season with each one filling the audience in on what a particular Bluth has been up to since the show went off the air. After the new season, the team would consider making a feature film.

As plans for a movie drifted, the specifics of the new season started to crystalize. Netflix would carry the episodes, releasing all 10 in fell swoop. The episodes will focus on one character, but several may feature multiple members of the Bluth family. According the Deadline, Hurwitz has left the door open for another season if the first 10 prove to be successful.

Production on the new season of "Arrested Development" will continue through the fall, with the new episode premiering sometime in 2013.

Will the new season of "Arrested Development" live up to the first three? Tell us what you think in the comments!