Taylor Swift Has 'Cool News' For Fans On Monday

The 'Speak Now' singer will host an online Q&A session August 13, where she will share the news.

Taylor Swift has some big news for her Swifties, but those fans will have to wait almost a week to hear what the country star has to share with them.

The singer announced on Tuesday (August 7) that she will be doing a live webcast on Monday (August 13) at 7 p.m. ET. The event will go down on her official YouTube channel. The date of the livestream is hardly a coincidence as 13 just so happens to be Swift's lucky number.

"Hey, it's Taylor. So I really want to talk to you about something. I would love it if you would join me August 13 for a live webchat," she said in a video tease posted online. "You can ask questions. I want to share some news with you, some really cool news. Not gonna go into it too much, but it's cool. I'll see you there."

Fans who want to get in on the action can ask Swift questions through a live social chat that will take place during the stream. Additionally, there will be a Google+ Hangout created around the event.

Given that Swift has been hard at work on her follow-up to 2010's chart-topping Speak Now, it seems likely that Swift's "really cool news" has something to do with some new music.

She has worked with folks like British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran on the release, and when MTV News last caught up with the singer at the top of 2012, she explained that this album will show her growth as an artist.

"I made my last album, Speak Now, with this idea I really wanted to make an album without writing with anyone else just because I always wanted to do that. And now I have a different approach to this record. I'm getting to work with people that I've always wanted to work with." That means that she's seeking out some assistance "from all different places in music."

"I'm trying to be as much of a sponge as possible," she explained. "You have to evolve and try new things and change and that's what I've loved to do with this album."

While some of what she's putting out may sound different, there will remain one central Swift-ism that remains. She will be writing about the ups and downs of love.

"I think that love is always going to be a huge theme in what I write about just because there are no two similar relationships, there are no two times that you feel love the same way or hurt the same way or [feel] rejection [in] the same way. It's all different and I'm fascinated by that," she said. "I really love to go back to human interaction and the way we make each other feel. But that at 22 is different than it was at 18 or 19 when I made my last album and 16 and 17 when I made Fearless. As you grow, you change in the way you process emotion."

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