Mac Miller Doesn't Care About #1 On Album #2

'I have, like, 22 records that could be on an album right now,' Mac tells MTV News of his 2013 sophomore LP.

Mac Miller is batting a thousand. The Pittsburgh MC hit a homerun when his debut album Blue Slide Park debuted at #1, making him the first indie artist to accomplish the feat since Tha Dogg Pound in 1995, but when it comes to his BSP follow-up, Mac feels no pressure.

"Making history was awesome; I don't care about that with this album. I don't care if we go #1, I don't care about selling records," Miller told MTV News from his tour bus before performing at New York's Jones Beach on August 2. "That sh-- is awesome, but this album, I just need to do something different."

The LP doesn't have a name just yet and isn't slated to drop until early 2013, but Mac is knee-deep into the project. He will continue recording it in the coming months and narrow down a solid track list. "I have, like, 22 records that could be on an album right now. Obviously, I can't make it that long, because with the youth and their A.D.D. problem," he said, laughing.

The entire industry took notice after Miller sold 144,000 copies of his debut album in its first week of release last November. Without the aid of radio, Mac was able to drum up excitement for his LP by touring and pushing singles like "Frick Park Market" and "Party on Fifth Ave." online.

After his #1 spot was solidified, Mac checked in with "RapFix Live" via Skype. "It's crazy. I've been trying to take it all in," Miller told host Sway Calloway last year. "I've just been in constant motion, so I haven't gotten a chance to really stop and realize how crazy this is that we got the first #1 in 16 years. It's nuts, man."

The 20-year-old rapper has had almost an entire year to let the accomplishment soak in, and now he's ready to focus on album #2. "I am so excited about that. I think that I'm really onto something with this next album, and I think I'm really creating an album that expresses more of where I'm at right now mentally," he said. "It's gonna be awesome, and it's gonna be a trip into my head."

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