'Zero Dark Thirty' Trailer: Hunt For Bin Laden Begins

Duo behind 'The Hurt Locker' return to the Middle East for an entirely different story.

The writer and director behind "The Hurt Locker," Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow, were already planning a film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden when he was killed by Seal Team Six in May 2011, but after that night, their project changed entirely.

That film is now called "Zero Dark Thirty," and it chronicles the manhunt for the 9/11 mastermind. The first teaser trailer for the movie has debuted over at Entertainment Weekly with five new images and interviews with Boal and Bigelow.

Here's everything you need to know about the teaser for "Zero Dark Thirty":

The Maps

The first thing you're bound to notice in the teaser for "Zero Dark Thirty" is the focus on maps and satellite imagery. The first location should even be recognizable from the air, as it's the current state of Ground Zero in New York City, where this whole story begins. From there, the black lines, similar to those usually found censoring confidential reports, cross the globe. The teaser closes out with a triangular patch of land that eventually turns into the Pakistani compound where Bin Laden hid out.

The Cast

For as star-studded as the cast of "Zero Dark Thirty" is, not many of them show their faces in this teaser trailer. Kyle Chandler makes a brief appearance as the head of the CIA in Pakistan. We can hear Harold Perrineau of "Lost" in the voice-over. Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke and Jennifer Ehle show up briefly, but that's about it. The rest of the cast includes brothers Joel and Nash Edgerton, Mark Strong, "Parks and Recreation" star Chris Pratt and Édgar Ramírez

The Cane

No matter how famous any of the castmembers in "Zero Dark Thirty" are, there's one that trumps them all. Back in June, Indiewire blog the Playlist reported that a British actor named Ricky Sekhon had been cast as the man in the middle of the story, Osama Bin Laden. There's a strong possibility that Sekhon does actually appear in the trailer, but it's far from an obvious cameo. Toward the end of the trailer, a man holding a cane steps out of a car, just before the first mention of Bin Laden's name. It was widely reported that the terrorist walked with a cane during the last years of his life, so this may be a clever way of featuring him in the trailer.

The "Hurt Locker" Connection

"Zero Dark Thirty" comes with one of the best pedigrees for Middle Eastern drama in recent years. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boal, the film boasts the same creative team behind "The Hurt Locker," the 2010 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Directing and Original Screenplay. The duo seem like a natural fit for the project and have already stirred some controversy with their latest project. The release date was pushed back until after the upcoming election to make sure it didn't sway voters, and there have been rumors that Bigelow and Boal had access to classified documents for their research.

The Raid

The teaser ends with a subtle hint of what's to come by the end of the film. As the map of Bin Laden's compound comes into full view, two helicopters enter the frame. The raid is about to begin.

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