Pauly D And 50 Cent Had 'Instant Chemistry'

'He's a hustler his whole life, and so am I, and we just clicked,' 'Jersey Shore' star tells MTV News during SK Energy photo shoot.

NEW YORK — On Monday (August 6), Pauly D shot an ad for pal (and boss) 50 Cent's SK energy drink. As one of the faces of the brand, the "Jersey Shore" star explained just why he happens to be one of the kings of the street, along with the rap mogul.

"I'm a street king 'cause I'm trying to give back," he told MTV News at the SK photo shoot. "In other words, everyone who buys a shot feeds a starving child. And that's amazing to me. That kind of hit home, like this is something that I want to do, and then being in the business that I'm in, I need energy. So this is a great energy shot too.

"One shot equals one meal," he said, later joking, "If you could do that, I'll buy shots all day long."

Sure, Fiddy teamed with Pauly and the United Nations World Food Program in order to give back via sales of the energy drink, but he's also working with Pauly on music. The DJ just so happens to be on Fif's G-Note record label. So what makes Pauly and 50 Cent such besties?

"When me and 50 met, it was like instant chemistry," he explained. "Like, he gets me, I get him. You know what? We just have a bond. His business work ethic is just like mine. He's a hustler his whole life, and so am I, and we just clicked."

In addition to his many projects with 50 Cent, Pauly D fans just learned that the new season of "Jersey Shore" will kick off in October. The show's sixth season will head back to Seaside Heights on Thursday, October 4.

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