Elton John Slams Madonna: 'Her Career Is Over'

Singer also lashes out at Queen of Pop's appearance and her treatment of Lady Gaga.

Elton John has taken his war of words with Madonna to a whole new level.

Talking to Australia's Channel 7 program on Sunday, John said (via ABC News) that the pop queen's "career is over" and insulted her appearance, saying she "she looks like a f---ing fairground stripper."

The pair have been feuding for years, but his latest attack on Madge seemed especially mean-spirited. Asked about the diva, who's currently touring the world on her hugely successful but bad press-plagued MDNA Tour, John said, "Why is she such a nightmare? Her career is over, I can tell you that. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn't happen to a bigger cu--."

But he didn't stop there. John went on to offer up a backhanded compliment while dismissing Madonna's most recent album, MDNA, before insulting her looks and complaining that she has been rude to his friend, Lady Gaga.

"If Madonna had any common sense, she would have made a record like Ray of Light, stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and made great pop records, which she does brilliantly," John continued. "But no, she had to prove that she was like ... and she looks like a f---ing fairground stripper."

He went on to complain, "She's been so horrible to [Lady] Gaga."

John and Madonna have long been involved in a bitter feud. Earlier this year, at the Golden Globe Awards, John dismissed Madonna's chances of taking home the Best Original Song prize for her "W.E." balled, "Masterpiece." When she did best John's "Gnomeo and Juliet" duet with Lady Gaga, "Hello, Hello," for the award, his husband, David Furnish went on a Facebook tirade against the Material Girl, writing, "Madonna. Best song???? F--K off! ... Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in its narcissism."

John previously blasted Madonna in 2004 after she won the Q Music Magazine for Best Live Act, charging, "Madonna, best f---ing live act? F--- off. Since when has lip-synching been live?"

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