Lollapalooza To Expand To Israel In 2013

Perry Farrell reveals his plans to take Lolla to Tel Aviv in an interview with MTV News.

CHICAGO — Perry Farrell made sure the weather wasn't the only story to come out of Lollapalooza on Saturday (August 4) night, as he announced that the festival will once again expand next year ... this time to Israel.

Set for August 20-22, 2013 in Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park, Lollapalooza Israel will be the first large-scale international music fest to be held in the country, and the third Lolla to take place outside of the U.S., joining editions launched in Chile and Brazil over the past two years.

Farrell had the idea to take Lolla to Tel Aviv last year, when he played the city with Jane's Addiction. As he explained to MTV News, he was intrigued by the possibilities of holding a three-day event there ... and not just because there wasn't one already. The way he saw it, the city would be perfect for throwing the kind of party he could only dream of in the states.

"Tel Aviv goes all night long, there is no curfew, they've got all these incredible night clubs, they love dance music, Yarkon Park, can hold 60,000 people, and it's right off the beach. What else do you need?," he laughed. "They allow you to stay down at the beach and party! My crew and I, we were hanging out in the water at 4 in the morning, talking [about the idea] — I hate to say it, we had beers — we were like 'Yeah man, this is great!'"

And Farrell hinted that he may not be done expanding the Lollapalooza brand just yet. Next year, it will take over Tel Aviv, and after that, it may go wherever there are fans clamoring for a music festival of their own.

"It's almost like a dating thing, you need to be desired. You need to be wanted and you need to be welcomed," he said. "And that's how we feel; if we're needed, if there's a large audience ... waiting for the music, and they haven't gotten it, we'd love to come there and make them a part of our family. It's an international musical family."

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