'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Stars Film 'Emotional' Reunion

'It was very difficult sitting there, watching reactions and seeing people's faces on the stage,' K. Michelle tells MTV News.

VH1 ventured outside New York City this season to introduce a new cast of entertaining characters on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," and with only a few episodes left, that can only mean one thing: It's time for a reunion.

One of the show's stars, singer K. Michelle, confirmed that the cast has already filmed the reunion special, explaining that it was an emotional and draining experience. Not a surprise, considering the entire season has been chock-full of drama.

"People were really emotional," K. Michelle told MTV News, describing the atmosphere on set and admitting that it was difficult to watch the old footage with everyone present.

After watching the season again, is there anything the R&B singer wishes she'd done differently?

"I don't like to regret things, but I wish I could've gotten my point across better than yelling it," she admitted, pointing specifically to her beef with fellow entertainer Karlie Redd. "The whole Karlie situation, it's just so not important, but if it's in your life at that point, it looks like it is. It was very difficult sitting there and watching reactions and seeing people's faces on the stage — it's a lot, but all in all, it was a great show, and I feel like a lot did get accomplished from the show."

No matter how over-the-top the drama may seem on TV, K. Michelle maintained that everything you see is as it happens.

"I don't think it's amplified; it honestly goes on," she said of the conflict. "With me and Karlie Redd, nothing was put together. ... I guess she was intimidated by her lack of vocals, and she was just kind of picking and consistently bothering me. So I don't think anything's forced. It does happen, people are emotional, this is their life. Even with Mimi and Joseline — that's real. I'm friends with Mimi, I see her very hurt."

The Memphis native, who released her most recent mixtape, O F---s Given, in July, said despite the drama, it was almost a no-brainer for her to get on the reality show.

"I had been singing for so long, and no one was listening, I had been helping women who had gone through domestic violence, but no one paid attention," she said. "It wasn't enough controversy, so finally I figured, I don't have anything to lose. As long as I can get my music out and say what I need to say, that's all that matters."