Justin Bieber's Michael Jackson Connection? Michael Madsen

Bieber's 'As Long As You Love Me' offer 'took me off guard,' says Madsen, who also starred with MJ in 2001.

Justin Bieber tweeted that when he was looking for inspiration for his "As Long As You Love Me" video, there was no one he wanted to emulate more than Michael Jackson.

Coincidentally, when he needed someone to play his foe in the clip, he looked no further than a guy who has some experience working with Jackson.

That man is Michael Madsen, who appeared in Jackson's 2001 gangster-themed video for "You Rock My World" off his Invincible album. Oddly enough, the only people that have ever really asked the hard-edged actor to appear in videos happen to be Bieber and Jackson.

"Hardly ever [am I asked to be in videos], that was why it was kind of funny cause that doesn't usually happen," he told MTV News. "It came out of nowhere. It was the last thing in the world I expected, to be called by Justin Bieber. It was kind of funny. It took me off guard. It's not the usual thing people think of me for, but considering the role, maybe."

In the video, Madsen plays a tough guy who beats up Bieber after the teen ignores his request to stay away from his daughter. It was that cinematic storyline that got Madsen interested.

"I didn't want to imagine myself on a trampoline with a lollipop, so I asked for the story. I realized it was almost like a film production; and of course, I kind of figured that it might be an interesting thing to do," he said about the Anthony Mandler-directed video. "I didn't know what to expect... I was surprised... They got me a good wardrobe. That was my shirt though. I brought my own shirt; those kinds of shirts are kind of rare.

"The story is so much Shakespearian; the couple, they run off together out the window," he later continued. "It's rather like that, I thought that was interesting. And I thought the kid, he had an enormous talent and he was very gracious to my sons and was very gracious to my family."

It was actually those sons that convinced the Hawaiian-shirt-wearing "Kill Bill" star to make the video with Bieber. "Well I was surprised at first that the kid was interested in having me be part of his video," he recalled. "I went to my sons and I asked my boys, I asked my sons what they thought if I should if they thought I should do it or not. And, of course, they gently placed their hand on my shoulder and said 'Dad don't you realize who Justin Bieber is?' And I said 'Well, no, actually I didn't.' But with their blessing I decided I thought it might be interesting."

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