Dr. Dre And Nelly 'Came Up With A Few Thangs' In the Studio

'We just wanted to hang out, vibe out, see what we could come up with,' Nelly tells MTV News of his collaborations with Dre.

That Dr. Dre guy sure has an effect on folks. Just ask Nelly, who has been working on some music with the Doc.

"I never been starstruck on a rapper and I've met Dre several, several times, but we've never been together in that environment, creative, in the studio, with a Dre beat playing," the St. Lunatic told MTV News. "It was a different Dre than I was used to seeing, it was like, 'Oh seesh.'"

At the turn of the millennium, Dre and Nelly had two of the biggest rap albums in the market — 1999's 2001 and 2000's Country Grammar, respectively, and now they are working together for the first time. Nelly is unclear on where the songs will appear. However, his seventh solo album, M.O., is scheduled to come out later this year, while Dre's Detoxcurrently resides in release-date limbo. "It's not about my album. It's not about his album. We don't know what we're doing yet. The thing was we just wanted to hang out, vibe out, see what we could come up with," Nelly explained.

The "Pimp Juice" rapper made it clear that Dre is steering the ship. "We came up with a few thangs that he has, that he's keepin' under lock and key," he said, laughing. "We'll see where that goes."

Nelly doesn't feel any pressure when it comes to releasing his music with The Chronic super-producer, but when it comes to Dre dropping music, the stakes are much higher, he said. "It's amazing how high he set the bar, and he's such a perfectionist," he said. "So for him to feel comfortable, he might not never feel comfortable as far as him putting out music because when you're such a perfectionist you just want it to be right."

I'm not saying he's worried about that, I know he's not. He's Dre. He's still gonna sell regardless, but he wants to win at all times. He deserves to win."

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