'Total Recall' Pays 'Loving' Homage To Original

'I don't think telling a similar story negates the other one or is an insult to it,' Kate Beckinsale tells MTV News.

No matter how fancy and sophisticated the action looks in Len Wiseman's "Total Recall," the fact remains that it is a remake and that fans and the media alike have fixated on that particular element since the day the film was announced. But rather than be annoyed with the constant questions about what is different and what is the same in the new film versus the original, the cast and crew of the 2012 "Total Recall" have nothing but love and understanding for the first movie's fanbase.

"I think the thing I find surprising about film fans is that I grew up in London going to the theater a lot, and nobody was upset that a new person was playing Hamlet. They were interested in seeing a new take on it, and so that was really my feeling about it," Beckinsale said when asked about the sense of propriety for the original. "I found that quite shocking, because I don't think telling a similar story negates the other one or is an insult to it. There are parts that are an homage to it, that respectfully and lovingly remember that."

Beckinsale said that while the new film is completely different in tone and style, her director and husband wanted to make sure he kept a few key elements from the original in the new film out of respect.

"[The three-boobed lady] wasn't at all in the original script, and I think that's when Len went, as a Comic-Con geek himself, he wanted to keep certain elements as a nice gesture for the fans who would really miss them if they weren't there," Beckinsale said. "But it can be a bit dicey, because there's almost a desire for press and people to get us to say nasty things about the original movie and none of us feel like that."

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