Miguel Gives A Taste Of New Album With Preview EPs

'We are releasing the album in a really innovative, creative way,' Miguel tells MTV News about Kaleidoscope Dream.

Miguel's Kaleidoscope Dream album may not hit stores until October 2, but the R&B star isn't making his fans wait until then to hear new music. Miguel is releasing two preview EPs, with three songs each, to build anticipation for his sophomore effort, which includes the six songs, plus five more.

MTV News caught up with the R&B singer before he hit the stage at New York's Joe's Pub for a private concert, during which he performed songs from the album's first EP, Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview, which was released Tuesday.

"We are releasing the album in a really innovative, creative way," Miguel said. "So it allows everyone to appreciate the music in a different way and just kind of digest it slowly. I think it's really important. We are bombarded with information all the time, and it's so easy ... good music gets lost in the shuffle because there's so much out there, so I wanted to give people a chance to appreciate it bits at a time. It's kind of like courses in a meal."

The first course showcases Miguel's impressive vocal range, while he does what he does best: singing for the ladies. The R&B crooner gets sexy and seductive on "Use Me," covers the Zombies' "Time of the Season" at the end of his track "Don't Look Back" and brings back fan favorite "Adorn," his latest single. On Tuesday, Miguel released the video for "Adorn," a song that was a highlight on Art Dealer Chic, another EP released earlier this year.

Miguel admits that the tracks on Water Preview may be all about romance and relationships, but since his 2010 debut, All I Want Is You, Miguel has done a lot of growing up and says Kaleidoscope Dream is a "clear projection of my life."

"The first album, All I Want Is You, revolved so much around my romantic experience. I've had three major relationships; each one of my girlfriends kind of taught me something new," Miguel said. "This time around, I wanted to discuss more of my perspective of life — not necessarily with the opposite sex, and I do that on the album as well, but the majority of the album, I would say, is about my life."

Out next month is the second EP, Kaleidoscope Dreams: Air Preview, which he describes as "really light and fun." The singer exclusively revealed to MTV News that the title of the next single from Air Preview is called "Drugs," which is sure to get the fans talking.

"Let's just say the single for the Air Preview should strike up quite a bit of conversation. I think it's going to be a lot of fun," Miguel said. "It's a very personal and, I guess, kind of carefree song."

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