Nelly Moves In With Joe Jonas And Gloria Estefan For 'The Next'

CW singing competition features live-in mentors like the rapper and country star John Rich.

Nelly is an easygoing guy. Besides his onetime rap feud with hip-hop legend KRS-One, the St. Lunatic has made a lot of friends on his rise to the top. Now the "Country Grammar" rapper can add three more folks to his list of celeb buddies on August 16, when he stars as a musical mentor in CW's new reality singing competition "The Next."

Joe Jonas, country star John Rich, pop icon Gloria Estefan and Nelly will not only guide the careers of the rising stars to whom they are assigned, but they will also move in with the show's competitors, prepping them for their big televised performance. Chemistry will be key, but when it comes down to the four mentors, Nelly enjoys the company.

"Joe Jonas, obviously I didn't know what I was embarking on with this kid here," he said of the JoBros star. "He got little girls staying out two or three days in advance trying to get tickets to the show for this dude. And Gloria Estefan, what the hell can you say about her?

"The thing about Gloria is she's cool, yo. I didn't know that she would really be that cool considering — not considering anything, you never wanna assume, but you just never know because you're hanging with people now on a daily basis and attitudes show eventually, but there hasn't been any."

If pairing a Midwest rapper with country star John Rich seems strange to you, remember Nelly's breakout single was titled "Country Grammar" and that he scored a big-time hit with Tim McGraw on 2004's "Over and Over."

"We're liable to be partying here, and he'll call that plane up, and we got to Nashville. We gonna party the rest of the night," he said of Rich, whom he respectfully refers to as Boss Hogg, the famed "Dukes of Hazzard" character.

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