Meek Mill Gets Court Warning About His Lyrics

'When you're under supervision you have to respect the judge and the prosecutor,' Philadelphia D.A .says about rapper's 'The Ride' lyrics.

Meek Mill isn't having the best luck with authority figures these days. The Philly rapper was back in his hometown on Tuesday for a court status hearing related to a prior gun and drug charge, but things got extra unpleasant when Meek was reprimanded for making a reference to the assistant district attorney on his track "The Ride."

On the Dreamchasers 2 cut, Meek expresses his displeasure for having to deal with assistant D.A. Noel Ann DeSantis, rapping, "The D.A. said she hate me but I don't understand/When I just rocked a show in front of 50,000 fans/I think that bitch racist, she probably in a clan."

The lyrics didn't go unnoticed and, Fox Philly reports that DeSantis cautioned Meek in court to "tread lightly."

"Everyone is entitled to free speech, but the defendant obviously has a personal issue with this prosecutor," she said outside of the courtroom. "Lobbing personal insults, it just tries to dissuade the prosecution or dissuade the judge from focusing on the defendants actual actions. He certainly tells his opinion, but when you're under supervision you have to respect the judge, the prosecutor, the police.

The MMG rapper told Fox that he would refrain from referring to the DA in his music, but maintained that his lyrics came from an honest place. "DeSantis never says anything good about me," he told the judge in court. "I rap with my heart; it's how I feel. She's talking down to me every time. She's talking about me like I'm a criminal."

Meek, who flew in from Miami to attend the hearing, didn't seem too upset by DeSantis' scolding, adding, "I just make sure I give back to my community, show love and motivate the kids." The drug and gun charge previously landed him under house arrest and he is currently on parole. If it were determined that he was involved in the nightclub scuffle between Chris Brown and Drake's entourages, it would be a violation of his parole.

Although he hoped to have another status hearing scheduled in six months, the judge ordered him to return in two months instead.

Last month, Meek took on a Philadelphia pastor who had issues with the religious references on his Dreamchasers 2 single "Amen." Meek eventually apologized, prompting the pastor to call of his radio boycott against the song. Through all of this, at least one thing is for certain: People are listening to his mixtape.

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