Pitbull Brings Miami Sunshine To Alaska

Rapper says he is 'honored, truly' by visit to Kodiak, Alaska.

It's a long way from Miami, but Pitbull made the most of an Internet campaign to send him to remote Kodiak, Alaska,
 on Monday by tweeting out a series of pictures of himself in the chilly northwest.

The plan to send Mr. Worldwide into "exile" was cooked up by comedian David Thorpe, who thought it would be funny to rig a Walmart Facebook promotion and send Pit to Kodiak Island, which he described as "an icy, bear-infested locale just south of Alaska." The promotion pledged to send Pitbull to the Walmart store that received the most "likes" on Facebook.

The trick worked and Pitbull spent the day hanging with some of the local residents of the island with a population just north of 6,100 and snapping pics in their Walmart. During his visit, the "Give Me Everything" rapper performed at the local Coast Guard base, posted pics of signs warning of bears in the vicinity, posed with fans and tweeted, "Thank U Kodiak ... I am honored, truly." The latter was accompanied by a snap of him watching some locals in traditional garb offer a blessing as he held one of their children.

He even invited Boston Phoenix writer Thorpe to accompany him on the trip, snapping a few pics with him along with the famous Sun Tzu quote "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

Walmart posted a photo of Pit receiving his Kodiak survival kit, which included some brown boots, bear bells and bear repellent. A short time later, the big box retailer followed with a shot of 'Bull, wearing his signature white blazer and shades, posing in front of a giant stuffed bear in the store.

He'll be back in the lower 48 on Tuesday when he performs a show in Atlanta, Georgia.