'Twilight' Stars Get 'Dirty' Picking Characters' Taglines

Carlisle Cullen's tagline would be 'Don't Mess With My Family,' Peter Facinelli tells 'Twilight' Tuesday.

At this point in our coverage of the "Twilight" franchise, it's safe to say we know enough about the saga's main characters and the actors who play them that we're hard-pressed to squeeze any new information out of the stars when it comes to divulging details about their Cullens, wolf pack members and/or covens. But we don't know everything about them, of course, so when MTV News caught up with a few of our favorites from "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" recently, we asked them to think up an appropriate tagline or slogan for their respective vampires and werewolves.

Unsurprisingly, their answers were highly entertaining and should make for some great T-shirts. Heck, thanks to Peter Facinelli's suggestion, it might be enough to rename this week's "Twilight" Tuesday the " 'Twilight' T-Shirt Slogan Generator."

"[Emmett] is just down to have a good time," Kellan Lutz said. "I remember in the first one, [director] Catherine [Hardwicke] had us all sit down thinking of taglines, and Nikki [Reed] and I thought up, I believe it was 'Dirty South,' just to correlate our characters together, because we're so fun-loving and we have our cabin up in the woods and we have our fun up there," he added with a wink and a smile. "So yeah, Emmett is just a fun-loving teddy bear." (Writer's note: Nikki Reed claimed the "Dirty South" thing was all Lutz's idea and she just goes along with it at this point. Rosalie seems too high-maintenance to be anything "Dirty" anyway, so that tagline does seem more appropriate for Emmett.)

In contrast, there's nothing fun-loving about Peter Facinelli's patriarch Carlisle Cullen. "Don't mess with my family," Facinelli said of his character's no-nonsense slogan. "They should make a Carlisle T-shirt [that says] 'Don't mess with my family.' "

Facinelli's onscreen wife Elizabeth Reaser feels equally feisty about Esme's mantra.

"Anything I would say would have, like, swear words in it. That's where my brain goes," Reaser admitted. "Esme is so hard-core in this movie, I feel like she will take you down. 'Mama Will Take You Down' — that would be my tagline."

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