The Killers Critique New 'Runaways' Video: Frame By Frame

It 'definitely conjures up some spirits,' frontman Brandon Flowers says of just-completed clip.

When the Killers unveiled their new "Runaways" video Thursday, it was a true "world premiere" in every sense of the term ... and not just for the band's fans, either.

"The video just got finished, so I'm sort of critiquing it now," frontman Brandon Flowers told MTV News just hours after the clip's debut. "So far, I like it!"

Flowers sat next to drummer Ronnie Vannucci, a laptop propped up between them on a low-lying coffee table. On the screen, the just-completed "Runaways" video played, and both men watched intently, probably because this was the first time they'd actually seen the thing in its final form. Between various inside jokes ("I'm really rocking out there," Vannucci cracked after seeing himself pound his kit), they gave us their take on their newest video.

"Warren Fu's the director of this. I guess he's an up-and-comer. He hasn't made too many videos but he's starting to get on the scene," Flowers said. "We wanted it to be mainly a performance video ... [but some of the imagery] definitely conjures up some spirits."

"There were a couple different ideas for narratives, for story lines," Vannucci added. "We took some of the elements from those story lines and incorporated them in a more plain and simple way, and made it more into a performance."

Though the majority of the "Runaways" video is made up of the Killers themselves, there are moments that directly relate to their new album, Battle Born too, like, for example, a scene where a long stretch of deserted highway suddenly blooms bright red.

"That ties into the cover of the record, when the road goes red," Flowers explained. "Warren also designed the cover of the record, so that was nice to have that connection."

After the video had finished, both Flowers and Vannucci leaned back on the couch and laughed. Part of that was due to pure enjoyment, and part probably due to sheer relief. After all, this one had come down to the wire. And as we were packing up the laptop, we asked Flowers for his overall critique on the new video, which he mulled over for a minute, before finally smiling and offering this simple assessment: "It's good!"

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