Pink's 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' Video Premieres!

In her new clip, which premiered Thursday (July 26) on MTV, Pink gets revenge — as only she can.

Pink may begrudgingly admit to getting "happy" on her upcoming The Truth About Love album, but you wouldn't know it from sass-tastic first single, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," which might be the only pop single in history to discuss a former lover's "sick whiskey d---."

And yet, thanks to her marriage to Carey Hart and the couple's new daughter, Pink maintains that this is her first album to (occasionally) focus on the brighter side of life — a fact that is "kind of scaring" her.

So given all that, fans had to wonder just how the video for "Blow Me" was going to turn out. Would it be another in her series of biting, brutally funny clips (a la "So What" or "Stupid Girls"), or would she finally show off her shiny, happy side? Well, as it turns out, it's a little bit of both. Only in black and white.

Directed by longtime collaborator Dave Meyers — who's helmed a baker's dozen of her music videos — "Blow Me" is a whimsical nod to classic French cinema, all overwrought emoting and smoky, dream-like scenery. It opens with Pink and her potential paramour sitting in an idyllic meadow, where she is (presumably) about to submit to his wily charms (and killer bone structure) until he makes the fatal error of taking a phone call.

Disillusioned, Pink wanders off, only to come across an equally handsome motorcyclist/artist — the kind that only exists in France — who gives her a lift and then sketches her in a seriously sexy scene.

Later, at a lavish party, Pink channels Marlene Dietrich, toying with gender roles and leading a female partygoer in a seductive dance. This is, of course, interrupted by a marriage proposal — though it's not for Pink. Once again, she's reduced to second best (which, come to think of it, is a fairly common theme in a lot of her videos. Pink is nothing if not humble).

Scorned, she shows up at the couples' wedding — dressed in all black, naturally — and gives the groom her best heartbroken stare. Then, just as vows are about to be exchanged, a giant pink heart erupts above them, showering them in viscous red fluid. In a scene reminiscent of "Carrie," Pink stands in the middle of all the ensuing chaos, laughing while the bride and groom run for cover. Then, at the clip's end, she takes a ride in a flying machine, finally cracking that smile we've been hearing so much about.

So, rest assured, Pink fans: While your heroine might be saying she's a changed woman, the "Blow Me" video proves that she's not. It's just as angry as her previous clips, and nearly as funny too. And perhaps most tellingly, Pink returns to the role she knows best: She's always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Of course, what we love most about her is she's the kind of bridesmaid that gets revenge and delights in doing so. You could probably even say it makes her happy.

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