'The Watch' Cast: Costco Nights And Plenty Of Cheese Balls

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade tell MTV News about an eating contest gone awry.

For fans of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill, the most intriguing aspect of their new movie, "The Watch," isn't necessarily the plot details but just the fact that the three funnymen are in an R-rated comedy together. Who cares about what the movie is actually about when you know you can count on the comedic stylings of the actors to carry the film?

Still, the premise does lend itself to hilarious interpretation by Stiller, Vaughn, Hill and newcomer Richard Ayoade: "The Watch" revolves around four guys who join a neighborhood watch group to help solve a mysterious murder that may or may not have been committed by aliens.

When MTV News caught up with the four leading men in the film — who were prone to veer off topic and talk over one another — we asked them what new and exciting thing we get to see them do in this movie that they haven't done before. As is to be expected with professional jokesters, their responses were all over the place and mostly off-topic — as you'll see in the back-and-forth dialogue below. But we did gain some insight into Stiller's preparation for the role via work at Costco and a cheese-ball eating contest that went awry.

"For me, being in [a movie] is what you'll see, because I've never been in one," Ayoade said. "You'll see me showing up."

Stiller added, "Yeah, he's never been in one. He didn't tell anybody that before he got the part."

"And he is a treat this one," Vaughn chimed in. "[He's] so funny in the movie and does such a great job. He's really good."

Stiller agreed: "Yeah, he does a great job."

Bringing the guys back on-topic, Hill answered, "I think you'll see just an insanely funny movie. That's kind of the idea is to have a really funny [movie]."

"Yes, that's something you've never seen before," Stiller joked.

"I don't think you're seeing me do anything you haven't seen before," Hill admitted.

"The character's different but it's just a fun summer movie."

"I've never played a Costco assistant manager before," Stiller said with a smile.

"Yeah, you worked at a Costco," Hill said to Stiller.

Playing along with their inside joke, Vaughn asked, "How long did you work at the Costco to get ready? Part time? PT or full-time? You went FT?"

"Yeah. I shadowed the night manager, so it was six months of nights," Stiller joked. "I'm still recovering. [Costco] is a fun place at night. You keep the lights on and you can delve into some of the jumbo cheese-ball jars, watch DVDs."

"Would you watch 'Night at the Museum'?" Hill asked.

"Usually. Most nights," Stiller said.

"Was there ever a 'Night at the Costco'-type thing where the cheese balls came to life?" Hill asked.

"There was, but that was after I'd hit the liquor section," Stiller said.

Speaking of cheese balls, the guys were reminded of a particularly precarious night during filming when they almost lost one of their crew members to a giant jar of the snack.

Stiller explained, "A guy on our crew, we were on set and there was all this real Costco stuff there, he took a bet that he could eat two jumbo-size jars, literally vats, of cheese balls. And he got about halfway through but they stopped him."

"He was starting to get sick," Vaughn added.

"The medic stopped him," Stiller said.

"The Watch" opens everywhere Friday.

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