Katy Perry's Hair Goes Back To Black

Singer, spotted in L.A., sports her new darker hair in ads for Pop Chips.

It seems Katy Perry has ended her love affair with rainbow-colored hair. The singer was spotted Monday night leaving a Hollywood nightclub with her signature jet-black hair.

Wearing a bohemian-style floral maxi dress and big floppy hat covering her short, black hair, Perry hit up the Fonda Theatre to check out indie band the xx. According to People sources, "As her bra strap slid off of her left shoulder, a smiling Katy began to dance around to the band's hit, 'VCR.' She was with a crew of pals, including her assistant and a few guy friends."

After the show, Perry tweeted, "I always love seeing one single piece of confetti fall at an indie show."

Perry's decision to go back to black comes after she's sported a number of colorful hues over the past year, including blonde, pink, various shades of blue and, most recently, purple.

The new look shouldn't come as a surprise to Perry's Katy Cats. The singer's hair stylist, Rita Hazan, told MTV News earlier this year that the singer's ever-changing look perfectly complements her personality and bigger-than-life attitude. And, she said the looks are reflective of pop's relaxed attitude toward more out-there styles.

"Some of the '80s is back, those vibrant colors and neon colors. I think girls are a little more relaxed into bringing their inner self out, their inner crazy," she said. "It's not so structured, [like] you have to be pretty and fit into this mold. I love women embracing their inner crazy and making it work for them."

These days, Hazan said, "There are no rules, and it doesn't seem like it's organized or styled," adding, "Each person has their own individual personality and they rock [it] and it works for them. It's nice to see women embracing themselves in that way."

Perry is not only donning the new look out and about in L.A. — she is also sporting darker hair in an ad campaign for Pop Chips. The singer is the face of the snack brand, and also will serve as an investor and creative partner, like Ashton Kutcher and Diddy before her.

"I was hooked after my first bite!" Perry said in a release on Billboard.com. "When I discover something good, I want to share it with everyone I know, so I tweeted about it."

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