Carly Rae Jepsen Debuts 'Good Time' Video With Owl City

Jepsen and Owl City's Adam Young prove they can have a good time anywhere in the clip for the summer jam.

If making a song that sounds like it's perfectly crafted for summer wasn't enough, Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City just released a video for "Good Time" that looks tailor-made for the season.

Taking place over the course of a sunny day and bonfire-lit night, the clip follows Carly Rae and her gal pals as they leave the haze of the city and head to a camping spot Owl City's very own Adam Young and his friends also happen to be driving to the same spot. At the same time. Coincidence? We think not.

Our two leads meet in what could make for the perfect meet-cute story to tell their kids someday. Adam assists Carly with an out-of-control slushie machine, the beverage spilling everywhere.

And the party doesn't end there. There's bikini-clad young ladies cooling off in the lake, lots of tents filled with good-looking folks and a bonfire that fills the forest with ambiance and smoke. There also happens to be a big dance-off at the end of the night, as the song plays out in all its sing-along glory. The song clearly states, "It doesn't matter where/ It's always a good time there," and Carly and Adam can make for a good time in the middle of nowhere.

The video was shot earlier this month, at a lakeside spot in upstate New York. The song is the lead single from Owl City's August album, The Midsummer Station, and will also be featured on Jepsen's September debut album.