Ludacris Promises Wild 'Project X' Party For 'Jingalin' ' Video

'I've shot some wild videos in my day, but this right here, by far, might be the wildest,' Luda tells MTV News.

Ludacris is a party animal, and for his new video for "Jingalin'," the Atlanta MC has planned an epic bash.

"I've shot some wild videos in my day, but this right here, by far, might be the wildest," Luda told MTV News of his "Project X"-inspired visual. "If you ever seen the movie, it's just one of those wild nights where the party just goes everywhere and anywhere you can imagine it to go."

The comedy, which was released in March, follows a group of teens who aim to throw the ultimate party, which eventually gets out of control. To pay cinematic homage, Ludacris made sure the "Jingalin' " video had all the necessary ingredients including hot girls, wild fires and a car in the swimming pool. "We're just gettin' it warmed up for this Ludaversal album, coming soon," 'Cris said. "And I'm having a hell of a lot of fun, and that's what the music is supposed to really be all about."

"Jingalin' " borrows part of its melody from LL Cool J's 1990 remix dance hit "Jingling Baby," but on his upcoming LP, Ludacris promises a range of different rap jams. "This album Ludaversal,it's all about progression. We're taking it to heights that you never, ever seen before," he told MTV News in June. "I've had seven albums, so right now it's about trying to go places that I haven't been. I've traveled over the world for the past year and I brought a lot of experiences back with me and put 'em in the music."

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