'Breaking Bad' Star Brings Hitman Mike Home

'I loved going to my place,' actor Jonathan Banks tells MTV News about his big episode on the AMC drug drama.

With all the attention on Walter White and his murky future, on Jesse Pinkman and the mysterious Lily of the Valley, it's not always easy to hone in on the other fantastic characters "Breaking Bad" has to offer. But season five's second episode, titled "Madrigal," largely broke away from Walt and Jesse in favor of one of the lesser seen characters on the drug drama: the phenomenally named Mike Ehrmantraut, the hitman formerly in Gus Fring's employ, now begrudgingly working for Team White.

"Madrigal" spent much of its run time dwelling on the turbulence currently permeating Mike's life. Specifically, without Fring, Mike's role in things is unclear. What's worse, the money he and his team were paid to stay silent on Fring's dealings has been seized by the authorities. Worse still? All of the cash Mike earned had been put away for his granddaughter Kaylee — and now, she won't see a single cent.

All of these factors contributed to Mike's decision to accept Walt and Jesse's proposal of joining their latest meth-cooking venture, despite his better judgment. And Mike isn't the only one reluctant to team up with the chemistry teacher turned drug lord again, either. Actor Jonathan Banks, who plays the surly hitman on the AMC series, told MTV News at Comic-Con that Mike's latest decision comes down to one major factor: the show's creator, Vince Gilligan.

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"That's an honest answer," he laughed as he called the creator out, "because Vince and I differ in opinion on things sometimes. But thank God I'm in league with [Walt], otherwise Mike wouldn't be here. He'd still be down there [injured] in Mexico, with the chickens!"

As it was a big episode for Ehrmantraut (pardon me, that's Mister Ehrmantraut), Banks spoke to us about getting the opportunity to explore Mike's home life in greater detail. According to the actor, many of the details viewers see around Mike's house are actually from Bank's life.

"They did some wonderful things," he said of the production design. "If you look closely, a lot of those photos are of my family — my real family — up on those walls, going back to my grandmother at the turn of the 20th century. They put a couple of posters up that they had to get OKs for and stuff like that. They were very sweet to me about that. I loved going to my place."

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