'Breaking Bad' Lingering Mysteries: Worst Birthday Ever

What's up with Walt's flash-forward? When will Jesse learn about his partner's poisonous ways? Our writer dives into those questions and more!

Who doesn't want a free breakfast? Walter White, apparently. The broken bad soul celebrated his 52nd birthday with a pile of eggs and bacon he'd rather play with and pay for than eat and pay nothing — and that's just the tip of the iceberg, the very beginning of the single most confusing series of questions to come out of not just the "Breaking Bad" season five premiere, but the entire show itself.

Indeed, several questions still abound going into Sunday (July 22) night's episode, "Madrigal." Here are the ones at the top of my mind.

What's Happening On Walt's 52nd Birthday?

Taking a page straight out of "Lost" but mercifully leaving cries of "we have to go back" behind, "Breaking Bad" kicked off its season premiere with a flash-forward that saw Walt in a diner on his 52nd birthday, alone with a full head of hair, a vial of medicine for who-knows-what, a fake ID and a whole lot of cash to buy a big honking machine gun. What drove him to this place? What does he need all that firepower for? Are any of his family members or friends even alive at this point? I suspect it'll be a while before we get these answers, but we know at least one thing: this is Walter White at his lowest of lows, if you can believe it.

How Long Can Jesse Keep Mike Away From Walt?

Well, that's kind of a silly question. We know Mike won't be able to put a fatal bullet in the back of Walt's head until at least the mad scientist's 52nd birthday. But it does appear that Jesse Pinkman, who Mike has a soft spot for, is the only thing standing between the aged hitman and the chem teacher turned criminal mastermind. Will Jesse always be there to keep Mike from going for Walt's jugular? And when (not if) Mike finally makes his move, will his demise be as grisly as Gus Fring's?

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When Will Jesse Learn About Lily Of The Valley?

Perhaps that's when Jesse removes himself from the inevitable Mike versus Walt showdown. In fact, Mike will have to get in line behind Jesse whenever he finds out that it was Walt who poisoned young Brock with the toxic flower. But as it stands, Walt and Jesse have rarely been so simpatico on this show as they are right now. They're working together like clockwork, like the height of their blue meth-cooking days. But it's only a matter of time until Jesse learns Walt's biggest secret. And when he does, it won't end well for either of these men.

Will Ted Tattle?

My favorite "Breaking Bad" episode title of them all, season three's "I.F.T.," turned out to stand for Skyler's bold declaration to Walt: "I f---ed Ted." As it turns out, she f---ed Mr. Beneke alright, in more ways than one. Though he survived his encounter with Saul Goodman's thugs at the end of last season, Ted walked away (or, rather, was wheeled away) with severe injuries that have left him in a full body brace and otherwise extremely poor health. He swore up and down to Skyler that he would never utter a word of what happened to him as long as she leaves him alone. Her stone cold response notwithstanding, who's to say that the Ted storyline is closed for good?

Who Did Gus Fring Work For?

Just because the king is dead doesn't mean the king doesn't have a few posthumous irons in the fire. Fring was not alone in his drug empire. He worked with, or for, someone, perhaps even many someones. Well, without giving too much away, this is one lingering question you'll get the beginnings of an answer to as soon as the opening moments of tonight's episode. Stay tuned...

Which lingering mysteries are you most puzzled by, "Breaking Bad" fans? Let us know in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @roundhoward!