Shooting suspect James Holmes' Apartment 'Designed To Kill'

Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates spoke angrily about 'Dark Knight Rises' shooting suspect's intent to kill police at rigged apartment.

Authorities held a press conference Saturday (July 21) afternoon to offer updates in the investigation of the shooting deaths of the 12 at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado early Friday morning.

Aurora's police chief Daniel Oates shared his anger with members of the media during a press conference to address the situation in and around the apartment of shooting suspect James Holmes. He wanted to make clear to all those present that he felt that the series of devices rigged to explode as someone entered Holmes' apartment was meant to kill or injure first responders.

"This apartment was designed to kill whoever entered it," Oates said. "Make no mistake about it."

The chief has stayed mostly silent about the details of their investigation, hoping to preserve a solid prosecution against Holmes, but he spoke candidly about his anger in this regard.

Taking questions from the members of the media present at the conference, Oates suggested that when Holmes' prosecution did come to pass that it would be on the state level, putting any rumor to rest that it would be a federal prosecution.

The police chief also added that he believed that the major threats have been eliminated from the apartment and that any danger had been "significantly reduced."

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Hours earlier, police had announced that the first two phases of disarming Holmes' booby-trapped apartment were complete. Holmes had rigged three different kinds of devices to explode as first responders entered hisapartment. After experts disarmed the first two devices, they planned to move onto the final threat, hoping to clear the apartment by the end of Saturday.

Representative from the local fire department also took the microphone to thank the Aurora fire department and paramedics for their ongoing efforts to keep the town save in the hours and days after the tragedy.