'Dark Knight' Shooting 'Horrifying' To NYC Moviegoers

'Even leaving the movie, it's still kind of on my mind,' one viewer tells MTV News after watching 'Dark Knight Rises.'

This morning's tragic events in Aurora, Colorado, were not far from anyone's thoughts outside the AMC Empire in New York City. MTV News hit the streets to gauge reactions to the horrific shootings from people as they came out of the theater.

Kristin Russ was conscious of the events heading into the movie but didn't let the tragedy affect the occasion. "I had a heavy heart coming in, because I'm like, 'I'm watching the movie that people were so anxious to see.' Several of them died in Colorado," she said. "It is just a tragedy. It's terribly sad, but it didn't really affect my wanting to see the movie."

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Dean Alvarado simply didn't have answers to his major questions about the events. "Why would you do something like that in a movie theater where somebody just wants to go in and enjoy themselves?" he asked. "Especially kids out there. You have people with families. I don't understand. I don't get it."

"I guess once the movie started, I just tried to get into the movie and relax or whatever," Marcus Gutierez said. "Even leaving the movie, it's still kind of on my mind."

Roger Clarke didn't think people should make any connection between the events at the screening and "The Dark Knight Rises." "It's just horrifying that someone would plan this for a long time probably, just to coincide with the movie opening. It's horrifying," he said. "I don't think you can blame what the movie's about with what happened. I think that's just one sick individual that used it as an opportunity to do this."

Click here for photos from the scene in Aurora, Colorado.

"I think it's really unfortunate that people are so excited to come and see a great movie and something that's been pumped up, all the other movies are amazing," said one moviegoer who did not give her name, "and be so excited and have something so shocking like that happen."

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