Curren$y's Lawsuit Against Dame Dash 'In The Ashtray'

'I didn't even do it because I didn't feel like talking about that,' Curren$y tells 'RapFix Live.'

[artist id="1823096"]Curren$y[/artist] has been so caught up in his music, releasing his Warner Bros. debut The Stoned Immaculate in June, and prepping a new release with Wiz Khalifa for August, that he's not reserving any time to deal with politics.

During Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live," Spitta revealed that he's backed away from his lawsuit against Damon Dash to prevent it from becoming a hot topic of discussion.

In March, Curren$y filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against the former Roc-A-Fella CEO and DD172 label head accusing him of releasing his music without permission. In the suit, the New Orleans rapper cited copyright infringement as a reason for taking legal action, but over the past few months, things have cooled down a bit.

Curren$y initially admitted that he and Dash hadn't spoken for a while, but this week, he told MTV News' Sway Calloway that they will figure things out on their own.

"I rolled that up too, that's in the ashtray," Curren$y said of the lawsuit against Dash. "I'm way too cool for a lot of that stuff, because I would always have to talk about it. I didn't even do it because I didn't feel like talking about that. So we'll figure that out. We're men."

In the meantime, stay on the lookout for more projects from Curren$y, including the third installation of his Pilot Talk series, which he still plans to release. "It's still in thought and still being sketched out," he said. "It's gonna happen. We can't just throw Pilot Talk on anything like that. We can't just say that."

When questioned about whether he would team up with Ski Beatz on the project, he made the answer loud and clear. "No, me and Ski Beatz are in a horrible feud right now," he said with mock seriousness, before adding. "Come on, man, Ski is the homie, absolutely."

Spitta's next release will be Live in Concert, a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa due August 9. The tape is intended to commemorate the third anniversary of the rappers' joint mixtape, How Fly.