MC Chris Has 'A Lot Of Atoning To Do' After Booting Fan From Show

'I should have ignored the tweet and let it go,' nerdcore rapper tells MTV News after Internet backlash.

There's a lot of truth to the adage that actions speak louder than words, but there are many ways that can manifest in a negative way. Nerdcore rapper MC Chris recently learned that the hard way when he had a fan removed from his Philadelphia show Tuesday for making a negative comment on Twitter about his opening act, Richie Branson.

The incident naturally made its way online and was instantly the subject of such heated and negative scrutiny by commenters that Chris was compelled to post a sincere apology to YouTube.

MTV News recently caught up with Chris to discuss his actions, the important lesson he learned and the humble pie he's been served as part of the experience.

"I would do anything for my fans. I wanted to lead by example, and I get really protective about them. This is my family, these are my kids, so when I see a drunk person pushing them or something [negative], I flare up," Chris told MTV News about why he reacted so strongly to the negative tweet. "I get protective. I become an angry dad. I don't even know this stuff is inside me, but if there's any kind of rudeness, I try to call people on it," he said, adding that in this case, he shouldn't have acted out so hastily. "That was wrong of me.

"This happened because I made a mistake and the Internet picks up on stuff. The Internet, its main mission is justice," Chris said of the story's viral status. "All it really wants is for people to be treated fairly, that everyone is getting the right treatment. I want those things too, but I'm a human being and I make mistakes and I've made more than people are willing to accept, so I have a lot of atoning to do. I have to improve what people think of me.

"I should have left that dude alone," he continued. "I didn't think. My intentions were to be protective of my opener, and I interrupted his set and it was all about me, and that wasn't the right thing to do. It should've been about Richie, I should have ignored the tweet and let it go. If I've learned anything, I need to let go and loosen my tight grip on the reins and let chaos happen."

Despite the controversy and the onslaught of negative commentary, Chris' loyal fans have sent him words of encouragement and support, many of which can be viewed on his Facebook page. He's even been in touch with Mike Taylor, the fan he had removed from the show.

"I tweeted him and apologized to him, and he was wearing my shirt the next day, [but] I definitely wish I could turn back the hands of time so he could see the show," Chris said. "It's not the way it's supposed to go. I wish he could have seen the show."

The Illinois native said that despite the intense Internet backlash, he owes it to his fans to keep on keepin' on.

"I'm a human being, and sometimes they're going to see the warts, they're going to see me cry, they're going to see the funny faces I make when I cry, they're going to hear my high voice, they're going to see things that aren't perfect, and that's just who I am," Chris said. "A lot of [the haters] are trying to get me to quit and die and go away, and if there's anything I want to say, it's 'It's not going to happen.' I apologize for my bad side, but I hope that people don't forget there's another side, which is good."