Pink Details Daughter's Cameos On The Truth About Love

'She's actually pretty good! She's better on bass than I am!' Pink says of 1-year-old Willow's contribution to new album.

[artist id="710231"]Pink[/artist] may not pull any punches on "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" — it's quite possibly the first mainstream pop single in recorded history to contain the line "No more sick whiskey d---" — though she's quick to point out that, much to her chagrin, it's probably the angriest track on her upcoming The Truth About Love album ... because, this time out, she's not just spitting venom.

"Well, it's kind of funny with 'Blow Me,' because people are like, 'Oh right, another "f--- you" song from Pink. Awesome.' I didn't actually realize that's my theme, but that's been my life, so that's what I write about," she told MTV News. "But there's also humor; there's a lot of humor and sarcasm always in my lyrics. There's a song called 'How Come You're Not Here' [on the new album], which is sort of like the delusional side of me, where I'm like, 'I'm awesome, why are you not here with me?' And then there's 'The Great Escape,' about how I feel the entire world is trying to numb themselves down, whether it be painkillers or anti-depressants.

"There's a lot of different things going on," she continued. "There's even fun sh-- too, I swear! You've just got to search for it."

So while she's not as angry as she once was, Pink remains as complex as ever. And part of that complexity — and her newfound happiness — comes from her marriage to motocross racer Carey Hart and the birth of their daughter, Willow, last year. Within reason, of course.

"Being a mama, I don't really feel like it's changed my songwriting, other than the fact that now I do it Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., as opposed to every day until 4 a.m.," she said. "Lyrically, I'm more aware of my cursing, but I haven't changed it yet! I'm working on it though."

And while she's trying her best to cut down on the curse words, Pink didn't exactly keep her daughter out of the recording studio, either. In fact, Willow not only guests on a pair of The Truth About Love tracks, but from the sound of things, she's already got some serious chops (your move, Blue Ivy).

"She plays bells on 'How Come You're Not Here,' and she plays bass on a song called 'Timebomb.' She's actually quite talented for a 13-month-old!" Pink laughed. "There was a basket of sh--, and she came over and pulled out the bells and started banging on them, and I was like, 'Record it!' And then she went up to the bass guitar on 'Timebomb' and started plucking away. She's actually pretty good! She's better on bass than I am! She plays piano, she bangs sh--, she's either going to be violent or a percussionist ... or a violent percussionist."