JoJo Is All Grown Up On New Sultry Track 'Demonstrate'

The singer teams up with Drake's producer Noah'40' Shebib for her latest single off her upcoming album, Jumping Trains.

Gone are the days when JoJo released bubbly pop tunes with innocent lyrics; she's all grown up now. On Tuesday, JoJo released "Demonstrate," a sultry track matching her seductive new look and a far cry from her 2004 hit single, "Leave (Get Out)."

JoJo is showing off a whole new image as a confident, sexy 21-year-old who isn't afraid to let everyone know it. The former teen star shows off her mature, sassy side as she sings about her "sexual anxiety" on the sensual, slow R&B track.

The song, which could be compared to Kelly Rowland's sexually explicit 2011 hit, "Motivation," begins with a magnetic guitar riff that gives way to a slow beat, giving JoJo the chance to take some risks both lyrically and vocally.

"I know I can demonstrate / And I can let my body explain / I know I can demonstrate / So I'mma make it simple and plain / You just need to come over," JoJo sings on the track.

The song, which is the second single off her upcoming third album, Jumping Trains, was produced by Drake's regular collaborator Noah "40" Shebib. In addition to working with Drake, 40 has worked with Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Usher and most recently Nas.

And 40 isn't the only connection that JoJo has to Drake. last year she released her own NSFW remix of "Marvin's Room," which she redubbed "Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)." The track was acclaimed by not only music critics, but Drake himself.

"He said I killed it and that he was really happy with everyone's response," JoJo told MTV News at the 2011 VMA black carpet of Drake's reaction. "It meant a lot coming from him. It was all out of respect."

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