Lady Gaga's 'Formulation' Film Teases Fame Fragrance

Two-minute short deems Gaga's perfume 'black like the soul of fame.'

Lady Gaga bared all for the print ad for her fragrance, Fame. And one day after releasing the visual for the September perfume release, the singer has given her Little Monsters a short film created about the scent.

Titled "Formulation," Gaga worked with various artists on the black-and-white short. She tweeted the credits, which include shout-outs to Todd Tourso, Reggie Know, Rob English and Kenneth Robin.

The film opens with "From the Haus Laboratories in Paris," then cuts to hunky men — some shirtless, others wearing overalls and still others in white lab coats — filling beakers and bottles, cooking up Fame. A voiceover speaks in French as the words "The first of its kind in fluid technology" flash across the screen. Next, fans learn that Fame is the "first ever black Eau de Parfum."

As the sexy scientists continue to boil down ingredients to make the highly anticipated fragrance, the voiceover adds, "Black like the soul of fame but invisible once airborne."

The second half of the two-minute short shows quick shots of the perfume's ingredients, including "tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea ... [and] pulverized apricot." Gaga never appears in the clip, instead letting the Haus do all the heavy lifting.

In addition to giving fans the short film, Mother Monster also had some music news. She told her followers that if they want to know what her next single is, they have to ask her collaborator DJ White Shadow. While she didn't give any other details, she admitted to loving their enthusiasm, adding, "MONSTER FACT: we love watching you freak out about what the next single is."

Gaga is also expected to announce her album title in September, timed with the release of her perfume.