Michael Keaton 'Would Have' To Be In 'Beetlejuice' Sequel, Tim Burton Says

'I bet you he would get right back into it,' Burton predicted of Michael Keaton's ability to revisit the ghost with the most.

Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton!

Ok, so saying the former "Batman" actor's name three times is not a way to get him to suddenly materialize at MTV News headquarters. We'll just have to content ourselves with interrogating his old friend and collaborator, Tim Burton, to see if Keaton will indeed return for more "Beetlejuice," as so many fans have hoped for.

Talk of a second "Beetlejuice" movie has existed pretty much from the moment the first film ended, with a sequel of sorts existing in the form of an animated series. Recently, though, those live-action sequel talks have heated up again, with Burton's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" scribe Seth Grahame-Smith taking a stab at the script. So, that marks two people on board. But will Keaton, who played the ghost with the most to iconic heights in 1988, join Burton and Grahame-Smith for the fun? He has to, according to Burton himself.

"I think he would be willing to do it. He would have to be [in] it," the director told us at Comic-Con this year, where he was promoting "Frankenweenie," his new stop-motion animated horror comedy. "He was great as that character. I think it's a way to unleash your inner whatever. I bet you he would get right back into it."

But even if he's willing to reprise the role, Keaton won't be getting right back into anything, not right away. Burton said that he's all eyes ahead on "Frankenweenie" at the moment; the movie bows in theaters on October 5, and until then, he's not considering other projects, "Beetlejuice" included.

"I'm finishing this," he said, "and then I need to [revisit 'Beetlejuice 2']."

Previously, Burton told MTV News that he always thinks about how much fun "Beetlejuice" was both as a film and as a character, and that he is very interested in revisiting the series with Grahame-Smith. "I just said to Seth, 'If you have some idea about it, go for it, and then I'll look at it freshly,'" he said.

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