Halle Berry Injured On Movie Set

Actress rushed to hospital after hitting her head while on the set of 'The Hive.'

Actress Halle Berry was rushed to Los Angeles' Cedars Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday night after suffering an injury on the set of her new movie, "The Hive."

According to TMZ, Berry hit her head on concrete after taking a bad fall around 10 p.m. The movie also stars Abigail Breslin and Jennifer Hudson's fiancé, wrestler David Otunga. While TMZ said the injury came after a fall, the X17 gossip site countered that Berry, 45, "fell or was hit by a falling object."

Representatives for the Academy Award-winning actress had not made any official comment on the injury at press time.

This isn't the first time Berry has been hurt on the set of a movie.

In September 2011, Berry broke her foot on a day off from shooting the next movie from the Wachowski brothers, "Cloud Atlas," while in Spain. Following that incident she was forced to work with a stunt double and producers shot her from the waist up to hide the injury. She suffered an eye injury in 2002 on the set of the James Bond movie "Die Another Day," broke her arm on the set of "Gothika" in 2003 and was hospitalized in 2004 after getting hit in the head with a lighting rig while filming "Catwoman."

"The Hive" is a thriller in which Berry plays a 911 operator who is trying to save the life of a teenage girl played by Breslin who is being pursued by a killer. The film is directed by Brad Anderson ("Session 9").