Nas And Swizz Beatz Have Life Is Good Leftovers

Swizz talks to MTV News about tracks that didn't make the cut for God's Son's 10th LP.

Swizz Beatz may have only landed one song on Nas' Life is Good, but it wasn't the only song that he and the Queensbridge MC worked on together recently.

When MTV News caught up with Swizz on Monday night at Nas' album release dinner and party at Bistro Bagatelle's Moet Lounge in New York City, he revealed that there were songs left on the cutting-room floor.

"We collaborated on a couple of other joints also, it was a fun time working with my Virgo brother," Swizz told us on the black carpet. The multiplatinum producer spoke specifically on "Summer on Smash," a rambunctious party-starter featuring Miguel. The song has a distinctly different feel from the rest of the introspective Life Is Good, but that was all by design.

"I listened to the album and the whole entire album was super lyrical, it had all the different elements, I just think that it was perfect because it was dropping in the summer," Beatz explained. Instead of crafting something cerebral, Swizz believed that there was room for "something fun" on God's Son's 10th LP.

Nas and Swizz have a long history of collaboration. In 2001, Swizzy produced "Braveheart Party" from Nasir's highly regarded Stillmatic album, around the same time the pair dropped "The General (Salute Me)," an unreleased mixtape favorite.

Swizz originally produced his 2007 single "Top Down" for Nas, but after Esco turned the beat down, the Monsta decided to use the track for his own album One Man Band. SB said that while recording for Life is Good, there were a few other records that he intended for Nas that may or may not see the light of day. "You know as a producer you're a fan of the artist so you have stuff like, 'Yo I need him to do this,' " Swizz said. "He missed out on a couple on this album that y'all gonna say that too, as well, but yo man Life is Good."

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