Shia LaBeouf Recalls 'Physically Arduous' 'Lawless' Shoot

In his only Comic-Con interview, LaBeouf tells MTV News, 'I was in the gym more here than I had ever been in my entire life.'

SAN DIEGO — John Hillcoat's "Lawless," starring Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy, made its world premiere this past May in Cannes. Its next stop was San Diego Comic-Con for a special midnight fan screening.

Quite the leap when you think about it, but that range categorizes what kind of movie "Lawless" is: a deep South, action-filled story of bootlegging.

Even LaBeouf was impressed with the wide variety of material that comes out of Comic-Con. Speaking to MTV News' Josh Horowitz in his only Comic-Con interview, the actor said, "Even if you track your résumé since you've been here for the past four days, going from 'Twilight' to us is a huge dramatic jump. It's the most diverse film festival in the world."

Hillcoat could account for the mass appeal, saying simply that he just wanted to make a good movie. "It's definitely a surprise and a bonus," he said. "I'm always just trying to make as good a film as possible. I think if you get too caught up in tailoring it to a specific audience, it's the wrong way about things."

While Jason Clarke saw the aerosol sunscreen the cast was required to wear as the hardest part of making the film, LaBeouf said "Lawless" demanded more physically from its cast than viewers might expect.

"There's physical preparation. We were all in the gym all of the time. I was in the gym more here than I had ever been in my entire life," he explained. "I know that Jason was in the gym every day. Tom was in the gym every day. I know the walk that [Dane DeHaan] had to do was physically arduous and continues to be. You go as hard as you can. It's a very physical thing."

What first attracted LaBeouf to the project was an elevator pitch Hillcoat made to him over hamburgers. "You get the call that he wants to meet, that there might be something that he's making. Of course, you try to get in there as quick as possible," he said. "I sat down and the first words he said to me were, ' "Goodfellas" in the woods.' I was sold. That set me off running. We were just talking tone. I thought it was amazing. We had a couple of cast that came together and fell apart, and then we ended up with the ultimate."

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