Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks Out On Sage Stallone's Death

'My thoughts and prayers are with Sly and his family,' the former California governor stated of the passing of Sylvester Stallone's son.

Sage Stallone's sudden and tragic death on Friday (July 13) has prompted heartfelt rememberances from those close to the Stallone family, including action legend and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger, who stars alongside Stallone in next month's "Expendables 2," released the following statement regarding the death of the actor's 36-year-old son:

"My thoughts and prayers are with Sly and his family. Sly has become a great friend over the past couple decades, and I know how important his children are to him. I want him to know that my family and I, and his fans all over the world, support him during this difficult time."

Details surrounding the circumstances of Stallone's death remain incomplete. Los Angeles coroners have stated that prescription bottles were recovered during the investigation, but "the only bottles [Stallone's mother Sasha Czack] found were a bunch of empty Doc Brown's Cream Sodas," according to what Stallone's attorney and friend George Braunstein told E! Online.

"I never knew him to drink alcohol," he said. "I never saw him take drugs. I never knew of anything like that at all."

Braunstein went on to describe Stallone as a "loving, caring, creative person" who was "very creative, energetic, and very full of life."

"We were just joking about how he was going to get married and have a fun marriage," he said. "There was nothing dark or depressing, no problems, certainly no financial problems."

"I'm going to wait to see what the coroner says," he added. "I think it was either natural causes or a terrible accident. I don't think it had anything to do with drugs, he wasn't that kind of guy. He wasn't anyone trying to take his life."

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