The 'Dark Knight' Rides: Meet Batman's Cars

From the days of Adam West's 'Batman' through 'Dark Knight Rises,' every Batmobile is on hand at San Diego Comic-Con.

At Comic-Con, it's nearly impossible to get any work done when there are so many wonderful toys to play with. Chief among those toys is the army of Batmobiles positioned right between the hallowed Hall H and the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, MTV News' base of operations throughout the San Diego show this year.

While we've been spending just about all of our time interviewing everybody from Robert Pattinson to Tim Burton and beyond, we just can't stop gawking at all those badass Batmobiles. But instead of obsessing passively, we decided to put our excellent position to good use by snapping pics of the Bats and grading each and every one of them. Keep reading for our look at Batman's rides!

The "Batman" TV Series

The one that started it all -- in live-action, at least. When together, Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin typically make for a hokey sight. But there's no one who wouldn't look badass inside of their Batmobile. Of the many Batmobiles that have come and gone over the years, West and Ward's ride is, ironically enough, the one we would actually feel pretty cool driving around town in. (Not that we would thumb our noses at a seat in any of these cars, but if we had to pick just one...)

Grade: A-

"Batman" And "Batman Returns"

One of Bruce Wayne's most imaginative rides debuted during the Tim Burton era of "Batman" movies. Michael Keaton got behind the driver's seat of this Batmobile for two glorious films, armed with a Cocoon armor that can cover the entire length of the car on command and a Batmissile mode that discards the bulk of the vehicle, leaving behind a narrow bullet-on-wheels that can zip through tight spaces with ease. A wonderful toy indeed. We like.

Grade: A

"Batman Forever"

When Keaton faded away, it was Val Kilmer's turn to hop into the Batmobile. And with a change of actor came a downgrade in wheels. With Bat insignias carved into its hubcaps, wings rigidly poised in the air and room for approximately one passenger to fit comfortably, the "Forever" Batmobile is not our favorite of the bunch. But hey, it's great for drive-thru!

Grade: B-

"Batman & Robin"

Clocking in at 33 feet long with a maximum speed of 350 miles per hour, this Batmobile might be the only thing that isn't thoroughly ridiculous about "Batman & Robin." Like its predecessor, there is only room for one on this bad boy, which isn't a fantastic attribute. But hey, at least there aren't any nipples on the fender! Still, it gets the lowest marks for being in "Batman & Robin." Them's the breaks, Clooney.

Grade: C+

The "Dark Knight" Trilogy

It comes in black. It comes in desert camo. It has an ejectable motorcycle. It even has "loiter" and "intimidation" modes of operation. In short, the Tumbler has everything. It's Christopher Nolan's real-world answer to the Batmobile, a militarized version of the iconic vehicle that's roared through two Bat-flicks already. Soon, it makes its third and final appearance in "The Dark Knight Rises." Even if it's not the Batmobile we deserve, it's certainly the Batmobile we need, and we'll be very sad to see it drive off into the sunset in just one week.

Grade: A

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