Kristen Stewart 'Studied The Greats' To Play A Vampire

'You're welcome,' Ashley Greene jokes, as she, Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz take credit for KStew's 'Breaking Dawn' transformation.

Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene know a thing or two about being a vampire. Having played members of the Cullen family since the first "Twilight" movie, they will not only reprise their roles for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," but will be joined by Kristen Stewart's Bella as a vampire for the first time.

MTV News caught up with Rathbone, Lutz and Greene during our San Diego Comic-Con live stream to talk a bit more about the new Bella that fans will get to see in "Part 2."

"At the end of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1,' when she just pops those eyes open and suddenly she's got those vampire eyes, I remember so many people just being so upset and being like, 'Ah, I want to see this now!' " Rathbone said. "It's a year later, but hopefully people are still excited."

"The preview of [the movie], when Bella's running across the snow, I was like, 'She looks like she's about to do some damage,' " Greene said. "[Kristen] did a really great job. She's pretty terrifying as a vampire."

When asked about how Stewart approached playing her formerly human character as a newbie vampire, Rathbone said she only had to look to her co-stars for inspiration and expertise.

"She just studied from the greats," Rathbone said, gesturing to Lutz and Greene.

"You're welcome," Greene added.

All joking aside, Greene shed some light on portraying a vampire, especially how the character's individuality and personality come through in the performance.

"I think every vampire is different, though," Greene said. "We all have kind of little quirks about us and one thing that's specifically heightened about our character, so I think everyone kind of makes it their own and takes their own route."

In a separate interview from our Comic-Con live stream, fellow Cullen family member portrayer Robert Pattinson also talked to MTV News about Stewart in the vampire Bella role.

"The interesting thing is that you're used to the vampires behaving a certain way, and then when Kristen starts doing it, it feels fresh to her," he said.

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