'Warm Bodies' The 'Most Satisfying' Film For Rob Corddry

During MTV News Comic-Con interview, Corddry explains his character as 'the best friend, but I happen to be a zombie.'

Rob Corddry may singlehandedly kick-start a new movie archetype: The Best Friend ... Who's a Zombie.

Zipping around San Diego Comic-Con to promote "Children's Hospital," the onetime "Daily Show" correspondent and "Hot Tub Time Machine" actor told MTV News about his role in "50/50" filmmaker Jonathan Levin's "Warm Bodies."

An adaptation of first-time novelist Isaac Marion's "zombie romance," "Warm Bodies" tells the story of undead wanderer R, who falls in love with the very-much-alive Julie. The lead roles were played by Nicholas Hoult (Beast in "X-Men: First Class") and Teresa Palmer ("I Am Number Four").

Corddry was cast as M, a zombie outcast. "I always play the best friend in movies, right? The guy that says, 'Hey, main character, we have a ticking clock, let's get to the third act!' " noted Corddry, as his "Children's Hospital" castmates Henry Winkler and Lake Bell looked on.

"Now, this is the best friend, but I happen to be a zombie," he pointed out. "And so I just do that, basically, but with grunting and words like 'Hungry.' "

"Warm Bodies" also stars Dave Franco ("21 Jump Street"), Analeigh Tipton ("Crazy Stupid Love") and John Malkovich. Palmer sang Hoult's praises to MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival. "He's playing a zombie, so he can't say much, but he's very expressive with his eyes."

"The world that Jonathan Levine has set up is so epic and so interesting," she added. "It's always very cool when Jonathan Levine does something."

"Warm Bodies" isn't due in theaters until February 1, 2013, but Corddry revealed that he's already taken in an advance screening.

"It's one of the most satisfying, weirdest things I've ever done," he said with pride. "I've seen the movie. It's incredible."

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