Watch A Sneak Peek Of 'The Outs' 'Fun Party' Episode

We've got a preview of the next episode of the hit Web series, which premieres at the end of July.

MTV News is proud to present an exclusive sneak peek at the fourth episode of the hit Web series "The Outs."

Adam Goldman, who writes, directs and acts on the show, has teased that the next episode is about "the groggy hours after midnight when it feels like the world has turned itself inside out." This fourth of six episodes, titled "Fun Party," features Jack getting a call that he'd rather not take and Oona facing the aftermath of her party. It also features the track "Attitude/Gratitude" by Brooklyn music sensation, Delicate Steve.

The Outs: Fun Party Trailer from Adam Goldman on Vimeo.

For those who aren't up to speed on the first three episodes of "The Outs," there's still time to catch up before the fourth episode is released at the end of July. The first three episodes can be found for free at The Brooklyn-set series features Jack and Mitchell, two men who recently ended their relationship, and their close friend, scene-stealing funny girl Oona.

While the premise may seem simple, the episodes are packed with honest, touching and hilarious moments that have made the show spread like wildfire across the Internet. BuzzFeed was one of several blogs that went so far as to suggest that "The Outs" is somewhat of a gay man's version of HBO's hit series "Girls."

Goldman recently stopped by MTV News to talk about what has been working so well for the independent series, explaining that many young people are ready for a show that doesn't just feature gay characters but focuses on them. Goldman and his team, including his co-writer and co-star Sasha Winters, just raised more than $20,000 during the show's most recent Kickstarter funding campaign (their goal was $8,000). With that kind of success, one might venture a guess that episode six won't be the last we see of "The Outs."