Will 'Amazing Spider-Man' Survive 'Ice Age' At Weekend Box Office?

'Sony got what it wanted: a #1 debut and nearly $200 million domestic,' Keith Simanton of IMDb tells MTV News.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" swung into first place as expected over the July 4th holiday, but what will happen to the latest incarnation of Marvel's wall-crawler during weekend #2? Box-office experts told MTV News that the latest "Ice Age" will likely rule theaters this weekend. So what of Spidey?

IMDb.com managing editor Keith Simanton predicted a 55 percent drop for "The Amazing Spider-Man" to the tune of another $30 million for the second Spidey franchise starter. "With 'Spider-Man' being successfully rebooted, Sony is no doubt breathing a sigh of relief," Jeff Bock, box-office analyst for Exhibitor Relations Company said. "And even though this won't have a spectacular hold, anything above a drop of 60 percent will be reasonable. That type of decline would give the web-slinger around $25 million, but I'm expecting somewhere around $28 million for Spidey's second spin."

So it looks like those two sequels are secured. "Sony got what it wanted: a #1 debut and nearly $200 million domestic by the end of its second weekend in theaters," Simanton said. "That may not be on par with the last trilogy, but it is one hell of a safety net to begin this next chapter."

"The fact that it was able to reboot in five years is unprecedented and a very good sign, ironically, for DC's 'Man of Steel' next summer," Bock noted. "It proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that superheroes are immortal at the box office and audiences simply can't get enough of them. There was a lot of grumbling online that this was too soon, but the numbers tell a different story."

So the numbers were already strong enough to put Andrew Garfield back into the red and blue tights. But who will direct? " 'Spider-Man has to show that it's got staying power to ensure that director Marc Webb stays around," Simanton suggested. "Sony's already committed themselves to a trilogy, but hell, the entire first movie played like a teaser for the next two installments, so the announcement after the opening seemed like a foregone conclusion. Who directs those next two films is up in the air, as far as I'm concerned. Sony's happy, but they're not crowing."

Fox is already extremely happy with their latest: "Ice Age: Continental Drift" has made over $200 million internationally. Estimates are putting the domestic opening for the fourth entry in the animated franchise (featuring the voices of Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Queen Latifah, Drake and Peter Dinklage) right around $55 million. "Ted" is the sleeper hit of the summer, with only "The Watch" potentially standing in its way for R-rated comedy domination. "Expect this bear to get busy and procreate," Bock joked. " 'Ted 2' and 'Ted 3' should probably be shot back-to-back."

"The Amazing Spider-Man" will no doubt fade from view the weekend after next, of course, when a certain other superhero dons his cape and cowl. "You know in 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer when Hines Ward catches a touchdown pass only to see the entire field collapse behind him?" Simanton asked. "That's what I think Spidey faces as far as its box-office support once 'Dark Knight' comes to town."

Bock agreed. "When 'Batman' busts loose, spiders will be squashed and forgotten."

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