'Expendables 2' Stars Recall 'Surreal Moments' With Action-Movie Gods

'Chuck, Arnold, Sly and Bruce, all together, it's literally like father, son, holy spirit,' Terry Crews tells MTV News.

As big as the first "Expendables" was, the sequel unequivocally proves that there was a lot of room for growth. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are back in expanded roles in "The Expendables 2," while Chuck Norris joins the team, and Jean-Claude Van Damme becomes a villain.

Three members of the team — Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren — stopped by to talk with MTV News about the new additions to the cast and the exciting changes that came with them.

Crews couldn't help but share his excitement about the return of Willis and Schwarzenegger. "I was totally ecstatic. One of my biggest scenes in the movie, I'm facing up with Arnold, the whole deal," he said. "Last time, we didn't have a part of that. We knew it was happening, but we weren't there on the set to see all the guys there. We had one iconic moment on this tarmac in this airport, it was everybody, and we're all shooting at Jean-Claude. I had a surreal moment."

Lundgren joked that he had been looking forward to shooting Van Damme for a while, saying, "It's about time, I think."

The epic nature of the meet-up certainly wasn't lost on Crews. "It was a surreal moment. We may not ever see that again," he said. "Hopefully, we all live and keep going, but you go, 'This might never happen again,' and you have to enjoy the moment. Looking at playback with all you guys was crazy."

Van Damme took on a very different role as the new villain, but Couture said he excelled. "I think he does an amazing job," he said. "We were scratching our heads sometimes, but at the end of the day, I think he did a great job."

The man, the myth, the legend, Chuck Norris, also joined the cast, but Crews said that all the jokes on the Internet don't even come close to the man. "When you get the presence that is Chuck, you see the plane. You see him come down," he said. "It's just like, 'Wow.' He walks out of the middle of all of it, and he's just like, 'Hey, guys.' This is Chuck Norris. This is the guy who fought Bruce Lee. This is the reason action movies are what they are."

For Crews, it simply does not get any bigger than this cast for an action movie. "When you look at what this genre is, it literally becomes a religion to a lot of people. It's about what you believe in. Action movies have created that," he said. "When you a see a guy like Chuck, Arnold, Sly and Bruce, all together, it's literally like father, son, holy spirit. Not to be sacrilegious, but in the action world, that's what it is."

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