Prodigy Says Neither Game Nor 40 Glocc 'Want To Get Locked Up Forever'

Prodigy tells 'RapFix Live' what 40 told him about his fistfight with Game on Saturday.

Prodigy has had his fair share of rap scuffles, but when it comes to the recent throwdown between Game and Pee's buddy 40 Glocc, the Mobb Deep MC believes that cooler heads will prevail.

"40's an intelligent person and Game is an intelligent person," Prodigy said when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday. "I'm sure they both know, they both want to have a career, they both want to be successful and nobody wants to get locked up forever."

On Saturday, Game and Mobb Deep affiliate 40 Glocc got into some fisticuffs. The exact details of the fight are disputed, but an edited video of the scuffle was put online. The clip shows Game punching 40 in the face, while the Cali rapper tries to flee from the scene. Glocc claims that he was jumped by a number of Game's crew and that a gun was pulled on him. Though the fight has made headlines, 40 was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing.

"I actually spoke to [40 Glocc] right after that," Prodigy said. "He was basically like the incident happened and he was just basically like, 'Yeah they caught me slippin'.' "

Prodigy, who once fought with rival rappers Keith Murray and Saigon, says he turned over a new leaf. His three-year prison bid for gun charges gave him plenty of time to think. "When I was locked up, I went through a big personal change with my attitude and spiritual, everything. I went through some major changes locked up," he said.