'Pulp Fiction' Star Kills In Zeds Dead's 'Living Dead' Video

Peter Greene is on a mission to find electronic duo in their new clip.

Toronto electronic duo Zeds Dead have launched hard into 2012, with MTV News first catching their sweaty frenzy of a show over Miami Music Week. In their three years performing as Zeds Dead, DC and Hooks have dropped EPs on notable labels, earned praise from some of bass music's biggest names and undertook a massive 70-date tour of North America in support of their upcoming Living Dead EP.

And all those accolades have led to their most epic accomplishment yet: Getting Peter Greene — the actor who played Zed (the band's namesake) in "Pulp Fiction" — to star in their just-premiered "Living Dead" video.

"It's very surreal," the ZD gents told MTV News in a statement Thursday (July 12). "We never thought that something like this would happen. [We] never expected to get to a level where people from the movie had heard of us."

The video for "The Living Dead," a dark, driving, bass-heavy electro tune (featuring Canadian MC Omar LinX), is just as ominous as the song. The Andrew Renzi-directed clip is set at a boardwalk bar, were a seemingly unhappy Greene stops in for a drink. Dialogue comes in the form of English and Thai Paali subtitles, and after a shot of booze with the comically mustached proprietor, Greene notices that a Zeds Dead performance is playing on the screen.

Angry that his "Pulp Fiction" character's name has been stolen, Greene demands to know who these guys are and where he might find them. Given his intimidating roles in "The Usual Suspects" and "Permanent Midnight," it's no surprise that Green shoots the bartender for withholding the information he wants. A curious turn of events occurs when the bartender's daughter arrives, indicating she knows where to find Zeds Dead (this is the group's favorite scene), and the two hit the road. The vid ends with a "To be continued," indicating that fans can expect a conclusion to their adventure.

"It all came together in the strangest way, and the result is a very strange, yet awesome, video," ZD said of the finished product.

In case you're wondering, the heavily made-up, wigged and mustached bartender is not a bandmember. "I wish I had a mustache like that," Hooks said. "It would have been an honor to be killed by Peter Greene."

The Living Dead EP is set for release July 24.