'Twilight' Stars Rally Around Fans After Death At Comic-Con

'The great thing about our fans is that they're such a unit, and they're so supportive of each other,' Ashley Greene tells MTV News.

SAN DIEGO — The tragic death of Gisela Gagliardi cast a shadow over the festivities leading up to the "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" panel here at Comic-Con, but at on the eve of the convention, the castmembers focused on the accident's silver lining.

Nikki Reed spoke about how such a tragedy was able to bring the fans together before the start of the convention. "It's a really horrible thing that happened, and it's just a tragic accident," she said. "I can feel it amongst the fans, but there's also a real sense of community and people are coming together and actually being really positive about it. They feel that this is what she would have wanted, is for all of them to still be here and see the positive aspects of it: that they're all together."

Reed's co-star, Jackson Rathbone, discussed his experience with such losses and insisted that the love of the fan community has to be what stays strong. "Whenever you're faced with horrific tragedy, it's important to remember love at all cost. There are two things in life that we can fall victim to: There's fear, and there's love," Rathbone said. "You want to fall victim to love. Embrace the fact that somebody you loved has passed, and it's a hard thing to get by. I've seen family pass. I've seen my best friend pass. It takes time, but if you just remember that the love is with you for the rest of your life, your memory of them will be with you the rest of your life, that is beautiful. My condolences and my heartfelt sympathy for everybody."

Ashley Greene said the strength of the fan community is what will help everyone pull through this tragedy. "The great thing about our fans is that they're such a unit, and they're so supportive of each other. You can really see the love when you see them in groups together," Greene said. "I think they should keep on doing what they're doing and love and support each other and look at things as positively as possible. I think that everyone is giving their thoughts and love to her and her family. "

For Kellan Lutz, he just wished the best for the family and friends of Gagliardi. "It's a tragic thing. I don't know all the information. All I know is that it was an accident. Thank God she's a fan," Lutz said. "We all appreciate her support. Condolences out to her family and her friends and everyone else. We lost an amazing woman."

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