Pauly D Joins 50 Cent's SK Energy Movement

'An opportunity to fight extreme poverty is something I really wanted to be part of,' 'Jersey Shore' star tells MTV News in exclusive statement.

50 Cent isn't the only celebrity willing to put his energy into feeding the hungry. Fif's label buddy DJ Pauly D has joined forces with the multiplatinum rap star to promote his SK Energy drink as a brand advocate and investor.

"I love the energy of SK, it's perfect for someone like me," the "Jersey Shore" star said in a press release issued exclusively to MTV News. "But what really got me involved was hearing about the SK movement, and how every shot sold provides a meal to a hungry child in some of the world's most difficult environments. I've been so blessed in my own career, and an opportunity to fight extreme poverty — in such a simple way — is something I really wanted to be part of."

SK Energy was launched in 2011 and promises to provide a boost of energy without the crash that comes with rival beverages. What really sets the drink apart, however, is 50's pledge to provide a meal for a hungry child through the UN World Food Programme. To date, SK Energy has provided more than 3.5 million meals.

"When Curtis and I sat down with Pauly, he told us how much he loved SK Energy Shots — the product and the mission behind it. It was obvious we needed to bring him on board to develop a deeper relationship with the brand," Chris Clarke, 50's partner in SK, said in the press release.

In March, MTV News caught up with 50 while on the set of SK's first commercial, co-starring Joan Rivers. It was there that Fif explained the motivation behind his movement. "When I developed the concept for this actual project, we thought about my experiences traveling in Africa," he explained. "And I wanted to do something 'cause of how bad famine is in Africa. So we partnered with United Nations World Food Programme in order to provide a meal with every actual energy drink. So I'm excited about that."

Pauly D is signed to 50's G-Note record label.