Jennifer Lopez Says It's 'Time For Me To Go' From 'American Idol'

Singer said on 'Today' show that she doesn't think a third season on the show is in the cards.

Maybe those Katy Perry
 and Adam Lambert
 rumors aren't as crazy as we thought. In a week that has already brought rampant speculation about which celebrities might join a rejiggered "American Idol" judges' panel, current judge Jennifer Lopez appeared to confirm on Thursday (July 12) that she has one Louboutin out the door.

Appearing on the "Today" show, Lopez said she's been pondering returning for a third season and all signs indicate it's not in the cards. "It's been on my mind a lot, as you can imagine," she said. "You know, I signed on to 'American Idol' to do one year, and ... I wound up doing the two years. And now it's like, 'OK, do we continue on this journey?' I've loved it so much. I enjoy the show so much. I enjoy just the whole process of the show and the whole thing. So it's a tough decision either way. But I have to say that there are so many other things that I do, and that I put on hold for that. At the end of the day, whichever way, it's a heartbreaking decision if I'm going to have to go."

Lopez, whose reps are reportedly in negotiations with the "Idol" brass to decide her future on the show, clearly left the door open by saying "if." But pressed by "Today" reporter Natalie Morales about whether she's already made up her mind, Lopez was more definitive.

"I know everybody wants that definite 'yes' or 'no,' and ... all I can let you in on is my own thought process with it, because that's where I truly am," she said. "And the truth is, I love everybody. I love all the guys on the show. I love the family that's there. Like I said, I've just enjoyed it so much. But I am thinking that maybe it's time for me to go and do other things that I really love to do."

After signing on in 2010 when her movie and music career were at a low ebb, Lopez's star has risen again thanks to the exposure on the country's #1 show, with a series of hit singles under her bejeweled belt as well as a current world tour with Enrique Iglesias and a voice acting role in "Ice Age: Continental Drift."

We've already told you that former "Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert 
 is reportedly being eyed to join the panel for the 12th season of the show. We're not sure yet who he'd replace on the three-person panel, but if Lopez is on her way out along with seemingly bored fellow two-season vet Steven Tyler that could leave plenty of room for changes. Even lone wolf "Idol" OG Randy Jackson is said to be on the potential chopping block as the show looks to shake things up to compete with the fresher celeb faces on "The X Factor" and "The Voice."

A spokesperson for "Idol" has declined to comment on stories tied to the future of the judging panel.

Among the huge names tossed into the hopper earlier this week as potential replacements are: Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Perry, Fergie and