Channing Tatum Confirms 'Bigger' 'Magic Mike' Sequel

'We want to flip the script and make it bigger,' actor says.

If one "Magic Mike" film isn't enough for you (and, let's be honest, it's not), Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum, revealed that a sequel to the hit flick loosely based on his life is in the works.

"Yes, yes and yes!" he told Glamour U.K. during a Twitter interview. "We're working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger."

Bigger? That's a little (strip) tease that might have some of the film's biggest fans clamoring for it to hit theaters much sooner rather than later. While he didn't specify where the film would pick up, Tatum did tell MTV News in June that he had no plans to strip again, which may put co-star Joe Manganiello's prequel plans out of the picture.

"We're actually talking about the possibility of doing the prequel, because if you do the sequel, then you lose Mike [Tatum's character]," Manganiello told "Otherwise, what's Mike going to do? He's going to come back for one big heist ... so, you would do the prequel, how they got there."

Well, until all the details get ironed out for the sequel, Tatum did reveal that he would consider getting naked for another role — that of "Fifty Shades of Grey" billionaire Christian Grey. But, he's got one requirement: "I'd only be allowed if my wife was Ana," he said. "She's read the books, so I don't think she'd be impressed if she couldn't be Ana!"

However any of those roles do shake out, Tatum is working in a movie based on the life of famed daredevil Evil Knievel. Coincidentally, the producers behind "Fifty Shades," Mike DeLuca and Dana Brunetti, will also be working on the biopic with Tatum, who will not only star but is also helping to produce the in-the-works film.

What would you like to see in a "Magic Mike" sequel? Share your thoughts below!

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