Comic-Con Preview Night: A Sneak Peek Of Geek Event Of The Year

MTV News got an early glimpse of the annual convention to see which presentations had fans most excited.

In theory, Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con is supposed to be the evening where the press and those with special access to the geek event of the year take a relaxing stroll through the floor to see what the convention will hold for the general public once it opens the following day.

But anyone who actually ventured onto the floor for Preview Night 2012 will tell you a very different story. Though the convention hadn't officially started, the San Diego Convention Center was packed with people eager to get a sneak preview of everything Comic-Con will have to offer.

Booths were up and running for Preview Night, and it was easy to tell which presentations were already winning over fans among the press and early arrivals.

By far the biggest and flashiest spectacle on the floor belonged to Marvel. The comic company displayed seven versions of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. The models ranged from the crude boxy prototype from the cave to the latest and greatest version from "The Avengers."

Not far from Marvel's display, helpless convention-goers posed under the heavy foot of one of the three trolls from Peter Jackson's upcoming "The Hobbit." The "Lord of the Rings" prequel is set to be one of the biggest presences at Comic-Con this year, so Weta and Warner Bros. put together two booths dedicated to the fantasy epic. At the studio's booth, fans could walk by a set of character posters, depicting Bilbo Baggins and his dwarfish companions in holographic 3-D.

On the other end of the WB booth, a small line formed to glimpse the new, webbed suit that Superman will don for his triumphant return in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel."

At "The Art of Frankenweenie," attendees were able to view actual sets and characters from Tim Burton's upcoming stop-motion animation movie. Three scenes were re-created in full detail for all to see.

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