'Dark Knight Rises' Clip Brings John Blake To Life

New sneak peek offers first extended look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt's mysterious character.

In just over a week from now, we will finally know all the secrets that Christopher Nolan and "The Dark Knight Rises" have been keeping from us for months. One of the most closely guarded among the mysteries has to be the role that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, John Blake, will play in the trilogy's conclusion.

A new clip from the film, which debuted on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," gives us our first extended look at Blake and what kind of character he will be.

In the clip, Gordon-Levitt's Blake meets with Commissioner Gordon, played by Gary Oldman, reprising his role once again. The two cops meet on top of Gotham's Major Crimes Unit, the site of the long out-of-commission Bat Signal on the eighth anniversary of Batman's appearance.

Batman, having been gone all those years, is still on the mind of Officer Blake, who has some lingering questions about the identity of Gotham's Dark Knight.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz recently sat down with Gordon-Levitt to talk about joining the beloved franchise and what makes Blake such an interesting character.

"What I love about John Blake is that he's an idealist amongst cynics. Gotham has become a cynical place. People are going with the status quo, and the fat cats are getting fatter," Gordon-Levitt said. "He's this rookie cop who's like, 'Wait a minute,' and asking questions."

According to Gordon-Levitt, Blake isn't like the rest of the cops in Gotham. He just wants to be a good officer. "Questioning authority doesn't always get you the best reception, especially when you're new, but you've got to love a principled guy who actually wants to be a good cop and isn't just looking out for his own job or some sort of kickback," he said. "He cares about Gotham and he wants to be a good cop."

"The Dark Knight Rises" opens July 20.

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